About Us

We built Fast because we want to help bring Fast Networks to everyone, and every type of building. 

Fast was started in response to the massive market opportunity of cost effectively providing Gigabit 
solutions to the 17+ million apartment and condo units in the United States that did not currently have optimal infrastructure for Gigabit Internet. (Ethernet or Fiber wiring.) This opportunity represents over 90% of apartment and condo units in the USA. 

Fast was built after our experience in running a Gigabit ISP. We built a successful ISP and sold it to a much larger ISP.  Our ISP focused on easy to deploy, newer buildings with Ethernet wiring. These premier buildings represented only about 5-10% of the housing market. We had to turn down countless opportunities due to not having a solution with a good return on investment. This problem needed to be fixed. The team at Fast offers solutions with strong return on investment while also providing Gigabit connectivity. 

We look forward to helping you build your Fast Network.