About Us

Fast helps people build gigabit internet into apartments, condos and office buildings.

In 2008, we started our first gigabit internet service provider in Seattle,  it was an extension of our information technology services company. We focused on delivering gigabit internet services to office buildings. Our internet services became popular and about 80 percent of the tenants in each building would sign up. Property managers began to ask if we could install into apartment buildings. We started installing into apartment buildings and then condos. In each building we signed up, our gigabit services would eventually serve over 60 percent of the tenants. We kept growing until a larger company acquired our internet services provider.

We sold the company (National Voice and Data) to Wave Broadband in 2015 and it became part of their gigabit division. It is now one of the largest gigabit internet service providers in the United States.

After spending several years building internet services into buildings we realized that there were a lot of buildings we were passing up delivering gigabit speeds to because the old copper building wiring was not able to handle the speeds. We also found that rewiring buildings is expensive and it takes time away from growing our business. We found technologies to fix these problems. We built systems that made it simple to cost effectively deliver internet on old wiring and allow internet service providers to get a good return on investment. 

Fast was started because we needed to find innovative solutions to make it simple and affordable to bring fast internet to apartments, condos and office buildings. 

We studied the market opportunity of cost effectively providing gigabit solutions into old buildings. It turns out there are 17+ million apartment and condo units in the United States that do not currently have optimal infrastructure for gigabit internet. This opportunity represents over 90% of apartment and condo units in the USA. 

Fast now serves and provides innovative broadband solutions to over 70 internet services providers across the United States, Canada and the UK. Our products serve fast internet to thousands of broadband users in apartments, condos and office buildings. 

We look forward to helping you build your fast network.