Why G.Fast?

The core to any telco or ISP is getting faster service to subscribers while still keeping costs down. But how?

In order to service the urban MDU dweller and rural citizen, infrastructure costs make FTTH deployments both highly expensive and impractical for ISP's...

Digging up sidewalks and drilling in buildings in urban environments is not only expensive, but can also put providers in serious right-of-way issues, where let's say a building owner wants to provide fiber optics to all its residents, but there’s a parking lot in front of the building that is owned by another company. For the building owner to get fiber optics, they have to get permission from the parking lot owner – who doesn’t want his parking lot dug up to support something he doesn’t benefit from. These kinds of problems are pervasive in the MDU environment.

For rural citizens, FTTH deployments can be even more challenging, but this time due to the cost. At roughly $125K / linear mile, fiber delivery is quite impractical unless there are a large number of subscribers can share the cost. 

According to Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum, the solution to gigabit broadband ubiquity lies in G.Fast

"G.fast unleashes the full potential of existing copper networks. By deploying the technology, operators can extend the life of their existing network infrastructures economically, while boosting broadband speeds. Giving the speed of FTTH without the need for professional installation, G.fast provides a true alternative to fiber all the way based solutions.”

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Why G.Fast?